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Ligorio Assanti *?? - +1345?? Italian pirate.

He served in the Mediterranean Sea near Greece. He was known as a knight of Rhodes.

William Aleyn *1432 Anglie - +1448?? English pirate operating in the English Channel and the Bank of France.

Giorgio Adorno *?? - +1558. Italian pirate and knight of Malta.

He worked around Malta and Italy. He was captain of the galley KNIGHT and called himself Allcaptain. After the capture was convicted and executed in Italy.

James Alday *1540 - +?? English pirate plundering Spanish and Portuguese ships.

Richard Allen *?? - +?.11.1572. English pirate.

He worked in the Bay of Biscay and English Channel. Along with John Drake plundered the French and Spanish ships. He was killed in the attack on the galleon, which underestimated the strength.

Clinton Atkinson *?? - +1583. English pirate known as Clinton.

He worked on the west coast of Europe. He was sentenced to be hanged.

Ferdinando d’Aragona *?? - +1600. Aragon (Spanish) pirate.

He served in the Mediterranean and attacked mainly Venetian ships.

Nicolas Alvel *1603 - +?? somewhere in the sea. English privateer in the Ionian Sea.

Frederico Langrvio d’Assia *?? - +1645?? Probably pirate Italian and Maltese knight.

He served in the Mediterranean Sea and plundered Arab and Ottoman ships.

Vincenzo Alessandri *?? - +1657. Pirate probably of Italian origin and the Maltese Knights.

He worked mostly in and around Malta and Italy. Giorgia follower of Adorno. After the capture was sentenced to slavery.

Kapitán Aylett *?? - +1669. English pirate.

He served in the Caribbean with Henry Morgan. He died when the ship exploded Morgan.

Richard Arnold *?? - +3.5.1680. English pirate.

He served in the Pacific off the coast of Central and South America. He sailed with Edward Davis, Peter Harris and Charles Swan.

In early April 1680 the pirates anchored on the south by Panama at the Isle of Perico today - Causeway Islands (English) or Islas Calzada de Amador (Spain). Here leave their boats and canoes sailed to the mainland. They went on foot to the north.

April 25, 1680 successfully plundered the town of Santa Maria, near Panama. After ignition of the stolen ships sailed down the river to the sea and then to the Isle of Perico to their ships. There they waited 3 May 1680 the Spanish warships. Pirates successfully repelled the attack. Fell over twenty pirates. Richard Arnold was among them.

Kapitán Archembeau *?? - +1682?? French pirate.

He served in the Caribbean and challenged mainly Spanish ships. In alliance with William Wright as Toccartem invaded the Spanish colony.

Michiel Andrieszoon též Bréha, *?? - +1683 Veracruz. Dutch pirate captain and the captains of the Brotherhood Laurenc de Graff, Michel de Grammont, Nicolaes van Hoorn, Thomas Paine and Jan Willems.

In the Caribbean, mainly attacking Spanish galleons of gold. He attacked and looted Campeche and Yucatán. He was executed in Veracruz.

M.A. Anger *?? - +1685?? Pirate and Maltese knight of unknown origin.

He served in the Mediterranean Sea and plundered Arab and Ottoman ships.

John Ansell *?? - +1689. English Pirates of the Caribbean.

He took part with Henry Morgan plundered Maracaibo in South America.

Robert Allison *1679 - +?? English pirate, who lived and worked in the Caribbean.

Together with the captains Bournano, John Coxon, Cornelius Essex, Thomas Mackett, Henry Morgan, Jean Rose and Bartholomew Sharp raided and plundered Puerto Bello.

James Austin *1670?? - +1710?? English pirate, he worked in the Caribbean.

He was a member of the crew of the pirate ship CHARLES Captain Daniel Plowman.

CHARLES sailed from Boston in July 1703 on a pirate expedition against the French and Spanish ships. Not long after the departure of Captain Daniel Plowman ill and because of quarantine remained in his cabin. The crew, led by proviantním officer Anthony Holding, however, rebelled and his captain chose Lieutenant John Quelch. In late September, Captain Daniel Plowman died of a fever.

Later, at the shores of Brazil plundered nine Portuguese ships and gain valuable cargo of weapons, skins, sugar, fabrics, boxes of gold dust and money. By that time, however, was between Portugal and England concluded an alliance. Therefore, the English Admiralty after the report of Portugal on the looting of ships issued an arrest warrant for the entire crew. In May 1704 CHARLES ship docked in port today Marblehead, Massachusetts, where the unsuspecting crew with his share of the booty broke. Within a week, most of the crew including James Austin caught and imprisoned.

In early June, he was taken to court in Boston. James Austin was based on the testimony of crew members found guilty and sentenced to several years of imprisonment.

John Auger *?? - +1718. English pirate.

He served in the Caribbean. He was caught and imprisoned Woodes Rogers privateer and pirate hunter. After his release from prison, he returned to piracy. Later, he was persecuted and privateer hunter Benjamin Hormigoldem. He was convicted and executed in New Providence, where he was governor just Woodes Rogers.

Thomas Anstis *?? - +?.4.1723. English Pirates of the Caribbean.

Bart Roberts was invited on an expedition to the African Golden Bay, but he refused. The British Royal Navy sank it later.

John Rose Archer *?? - +1724. English pirate. He sailed with Edward Teach and John Phillips. He served in the Atlantic, especially in New Scotland, where he was later executed.

Chui A-poo *?? - +1851. Chinese pirate.

The fleet numbering about fifty junks. He served in the South China Sea. He founded and headed the Shap'N'g-tsai. 1851 of premeditated deceit maritime escaped, were persecuted and killed off the coast of Tasmania.

Tuanku Abbas *1840 - +?? somewhere in the sea.

Malaysian pirate and a member of the Brotherhood Rajah of Achin.

He undertook robberies mainly in the South China Sea against ships colonial powers.


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