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We are looking for a translator from Czech into Esperanto, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, German, Russian, French, Arabic and Hindi.

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Pages are on the ships, types and their development not only for pilots. They are also the people who are in ships and seas of the world lived, died, worked appeared, pushing the boundaries of human and technical capabilities. Everyone will surely find your favorite or heroine.

You can read as well as experience of life at sea in the widest scope.

Our goal is to create a compact unit for boats, life at sea and marine craft such as to be understood by everyone, even to those they enjoyed a view of the elegant sailboats, but know nothing more than that, it's a boat.


We have added and adjusted Captains page of the A and B. 4.6.2014


Spanish ships ceased on your site. 5.9.2013

Courageous Portuguese were updated. 5.9.2013

Vikings and the German Hanseatic League has completed. 4.9.2013