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Leonard Vicary *1540?? - +1578?? English officer and a pirate. He was a student rights.

He was a member of the crew by Francis Drake in 1560 and attended all his robberies expeditions to the Caribbean. Together plundered many Spanish ships, towns and villages.

He was also on the ship GOLDEN HIND (PELICAN) Vice Admiral Francis Drake on a trip around the world.

During a trip to the South Atlantic, there was a dispute between Francis Drake and Thomas Doughtym.

Near the Strait of Magellan fleet anchored at Puerto San Julian in June 1578 Here the court with Thomas Doughtym, where Francis Drake accused him of rebellion. The jury of the crew, including Doughty followers, decided to verdict. Only Leonard Vicary voted for his rescue. July 2, 1578 Thomas Doughty was beheaded.

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