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Able Owens *?? - +1710?? English pirate. He sailed on the ship Captain William Kidd ADVENTURE GALLEY in the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean.

He was the ship's cook and broke twelve-year-old lifeguard Lamleye. He was a loyal member of the crew, as well as other known members of the team: Richard Barleycorn, Robert Bradinham, Hendrick van der Heul, William Jenkins, Robert Lamley, Gabriel Loffe, William Moore (who was killed during the revolt William Kidd October 30, 1697), Joseph Palmer and Hugh Parrot. The entire crew with William Kidd was arrested July 6, 1699 in Boston. After a year of imprisonment were brought to trial in England. Owens in court, among others, testified about the events in the revolt October 30, 1697. He was sentenced to death by hanging, but was immediately pardoned.

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