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George Norton *1670?? - +1710?? English pirate, he worked in the Caribbean.

He was a member of the crew of the pirate ship CHARLES Captain Daniel Plowman.

CHARLES sailed from Boston in July 1703 on a pirate expedition against the French and Spanish ships. Not long after the departure of Captain Daniel Plowman ill and because of quarantine remained in his cabin. The crew, led by proviantním officer Anthony Holding, however, rebelled and his captain chose Lieutenant John Quelch. In late September, Captain Daniel Plowman died of a fever.

Later, at the shores of Brazil plundered nine Portuguese ships and gain valuable cargo of weapons, skins, sugar, fabrics, boxes of gold dust and money. By that time, however, was between Portugal and England concluded an alliance. Therefore, the English Admiralty after the report of Portugal on the looting of ships issued an arrest warrant for the entire crew. In May 1704 CHARLES ship docked in port today Marblehead, Massachusetts, where the unsuspecting crew with his share of the booty broke. Within a week, most of the crew including George Norton caught and imprisoned.

In early June, he was taken to court in Boston. George Norton was based on the testimony of crew members found guilty and sentenced to several years of imprisonment.

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