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George Norton *1670?? - +1710?? The English pirate worked in the Caribbean. He was a member of the captain Daniel Plowman crew of the corsair ship CHARLES.

CHARLES sailed from Boston in July 1703 to a corsair expedition against the French and Spanish ships. Shortly after the departure, the captain Daniel Plowman became ill and because of his quarantine he stayed in his cabin. The crew, led by quartermaster Anthony Holding, however, rebelled and chose Lieutenant John Quelch as their captain. At the end of September, Captain Daniel Plowman died of fever.

Later, on the shores of Brazil, they pillaged nine Portuguese ships and they received valuable cargo of weapons, skins, sugar, cloths, boxes of gold dust and money. At that time, however, an alliance was made between Portugal and England. Therefore, the English Admiralty, following a report from Portugal about the looting of their ships, issued an arrest warrant for the whole crew. In May 1704, the CHARLES ship landed in Marblehead today in the state of Massachusetts where unsuspecting crew broke away with their share of prey. Within a week, most of the crew, including George Norton, were caught and imprisoned.

At the beginning of June, he was brought to Boston for trial. On the basis of testimony of crew members, George Norton was found guilty and sentenced to several years in prison.



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