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Lawrence Eliot *1545?? - +1600?? English pirate.

He was a member of the crew by Francis Drake in 1560 and attended all his robberies expeditions to the Caribbean. Together plundered many Spanish ships, towns and villages.

He was also on the ship GOLDEN HIND (PELICAN) Vice Admiral Francis Drake on a trip around the world in the years 1577-1580.

In 1588 he participated in the successful repulse Felicissima Spanish Armada (Invincible Armada). See John Hawkins.

In 1589 he took part in expeditions English Armada (Contra Armada, Invencible Inglesa) in Spain and Portugal under the command of Admiral Francis Drake. The invasion ended in utter disaster. See Francis Drake.

Peter Easton také Eston *1570 - +1619?? The English captain, admiral and pirate served along the east coast of North America, in the Bristol Channel and the Caribbean. He became a legend during his lifetime.

Peter Easton came from a noble family loyal to the English Crown during the Crusades. In his youth he grew up and served on ships of the Royal Navy.

In 1602 Easton received by Queen Elizabeth I. pirate law and command of three warships, with whom he had a right to enforce peace in Newfoundland, because most local fishermen are also fueled by piracy. His flagship was HAPPY ADVENTURE.

The way the Dutch captured by pirates, who had captured the Irish survivors of the sunken ship. One Easton officer fell in love with one castaways and permanently settled in Bristol's Hope in Newfoundland. About this respect the legend of Princess Sheila NaGeira and Gilbert Pike. Easton was also invading alien ships primarily Spanish Golden Galleon and receive their cargo. But he could not avert local fishermen from pirates and change the overall situation.

As a result of the war with Spain, England in 1604 received Peter Easton and his fleet pay, and therefore themselves have switched to piracy. King James I. Stuart sent a young captain Henry Mainwarringa to catch Peter Easton and put a stop to his piracy. It failed because Henry Mainwarring himself added to his pirate fleet. Easton had a base on the island Oderin in Newfoundland. It was gulf horseshoe-shaped, well protected mooring high hills. At the entrance fort built by the exploration of the island appeared in 1713 Captain Tavener. Ruins of Redoubt is still visible today.

Around 1610, he worked with his fleet in the Bristol Channel in England and the English Channel. He soon controlled the majority of ports and shipping. He teamed up with the powerful family Killigrews of Falmouth from Cornwall, who financially supported Easton and participated in the profits of piracy.

In 1612, Peter had a fleet of ten ships with the main port in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland. In the following years, pillaged ships and colonies in North America and in the Caribbean. At the same time gaining more ships to its fleet. After the sacking of about thirty boats at St.John captured by Captain Sir Richard Whitbourne, which was released on the condition that negotiates in England mercy for Peter Easton and his men. Grace was actually granted them, but did not learn about it.

It is estimated that in Easton crews had about two thousand sailors, some of whom were fishermen from Newfoundland to a fleet of forty ships.

During the next two years of impatient waiting to grace undertook an expedition to the fort San Felipe del Morro in Puerto Rico, which in 1595 also unsuccessfully fought Francis Drake. Here Easton pirates seized the Spanish galleon gold SAN SEBASTIAN full of gold. They returned to Harbour Grace.

In the years 1612-1614 he was so feared that governors coastal colonies could not ignore his presence. She sent a joint fleet of French and Spanish fleet of ships to destroy Peter Easton in Harbour Grace. Clashed in Conception Bay. Pirates finally managed to repel the attack and escape. It is said that forty-seven pirates who fell in battle were buried in Bear Cove near the mouth of Harbour Grace. Easton moved his base at Ferryland, here he built a house that still stands. From directed attacks on passing ships.

Later he sailed plundering Spanish ships in the Azores. Then joined in alliance with ottoman Ottoman Empire and plundered by the Spaniards in Algiers along the Barbary coast in the Mediterranean. Then split the vast riches to men repayment of its entire fleet, which disbanded and retired.

Peter Easton with many millions in gold and the title of Marquis of Savoy settled in Villefranche-sur-Mer in Savoy in Italy then, today the French Riviera. Here he lived into old age.

Today in Harbour Grace in museum dedicated to Peter Easton one room.

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