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Bartolomeo Diaz (also Bartolomeu Dias * 1450? - +29. May 1500) - brilliant Portuguese sailor, captain and discoverer of the Cape of "Good Hope". He was a descendant of prominent sailors. His ancestors and relatives discovered "dreaded" capes "Bojador" and "Green Cape", which also sailed. In August 1487 proceeded 50titunové two small caravels Captain Diaz along the coast of West Africa and further south. At 29 ° N landed and established a base. Just south of the Tropic of Capricorn passed the last stone pillar "cross" the "padraun", which served as a navigational aid and marked the Portuguese territorial rights. Then they sailed to the "Sea of ​​Darkness". After 13 days of sailing and labeling shores pillar is managed strong storm that swept through the cape, without noticing it. After several stops to rest in Algoa Bay. Stocks dwindled, the crew was exhausted and the weather did not favor them. Diaz was not a horrible person against his intention to proceed to India, ordered the course home. Cape named according to the weather "Tormentoso" (Loud cape). The king, however, it was renamed the "Cabo de Boa Esperanca" (Cape of Good Hope). Returned to Lisbon in December 1488th In 1498 Cape Verde mapped in detail. 15 March 1500, was captain of one of the ships Cabral's voyage to India. His ship and another three in a fierce storm near the Cape of Good Hope on May 29 sank. His memory was immortalized in a heroic epic Lusovci.