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Herjulf Bårdsson also Herjólfr Bárðarson , Herjulv , Herjølf Bårtharson * 940 ? Drepstokki , Iceland - +1000 ? Ikigait , Greenland. Viking , farmer and friend Erika Red Þorvaldsson .
He was the son Bård Herjólfsson . He married Thörgerdur ( Þorgerðr ) and had a son Bjarni Herjulfssona .
After returning Erika Red Þorvaldsson from Greenland to Iceland in 984 designed by Erik colonize new land , which he named Grœönland . Herlulf joined another expedition to Greenland , where in the spring of 985 sailed twenty-five boats with crews of five hundred men, women and children. Loaded with all kinds of domestic animals , feed, seed and all the necessary tools . In Greenland landed only fourteen ships. Some returned , others were lost and some sank . After landing in Eiríksfjörðr settlers were established two settlements . South Qaqortoq settlement (also Julianehab , then Eystribyggð ) in that fjord. A second settlement Nuuk (also Godthåb , then Vestribyggð ) about six hundred kilometers to the north. Erik was Jarl.
Herjulf with his people founded the farm Herjulfsnes ( Herjolfsnes ) , now known as the location Ikigait in Herjulfsfjörðr ( Herjólfsfjörð ) west of present-day Narsarsuaq .
Their son Bjarni was a merchant in Norway and parents regularly visited Iceland. After they left sailed to Greenland 's visit , but the storm lost course and discovered America. After finding the Greenland and parents on their farm stay with them until their demise . Then he returned to Norway.


Martin von Behaim also Beheim , Bohemus , von Schwarzbach , Martinho da Boemia * October 6, 1459 - +29 . Lisbon in July 1506 . Historians are not sure whether he was born in Nuremberg or in the country.
German cartographer , sailor, astronomer and philosopher in the service of the Portuguese King John II . He was the son of Czech parents who fled to Nuremberg from religious persecution . Father Martin Behaim had several prosperous companies in Germany and Venice, where he was elected senator in 1461 . Died 1474. Shopperová Mother Agnes died 8.července 1487. Martin von Behaim was the seventh child. He was given a European language education , commerce and science. Then he studied in schools abroad . After graduating in 1477 he found work in Flanders at Joriuse van Dorppa , apparel retailer and a member of the Hanseatic League . Over the years, improved in arithmetic and trafficking until 1480, when he visited on a business trip to Lisbon. There he was intrigued by the possibility of overseas trade and voyages of discovery . In Lisbon, he met with Christopher Columbus , Fernando Magellan and other captains and sailors. It thrilled him for training in marine navigation , astronomy and cartography. He met with the Portuguese King John II . , Who in 1483 invited to Marine Navigation and advice. Martin during his service improved apparatus for measuring and navigation. In the years 1485-1486 he participated in expeditions along the west coast of Africa on a boat captain Diogo Cao . After his return , he married Joan de Macedo . In 1490 he returned to Nuremberg oversee the family business. At that time, in collaboration with the painter Georg Albrecht Glockenthonem created the most famous and oldest globe of the world , called Erdäpfel , which was interesting also the first marking of the meridian and the equator. To create a Globe Martin used the knowledge of cartography Ptolemy , Marco Polo and other travelers . The Globe is stored in the German National Museum in Nuremberg. A copy of the original period are some castles in Bohemia.
In 1493 he was on his way to Portugal captured by English pirates. After a forced stay in England was released. In 1497 he returned to Lisbon, where King Manuel I. familiar with the global world . In 1506, Martin died .


Pedro Botadilla *? - +1520. Spanish captain and buccaneer. He served in the Mediterranean and attacked Italian ships. In 1619 he was captured and executed a year later.


Robert Borough * 1510? - +1570? English buccaneer captain and served in the English Channel and attacked the French ships.


Willem Barents Dutch Barentsz * 1550 ? Formerum - +20 . Jun. 1597 New Earth ( Новая Земля , Novaya Zemlja ) . Dutch navigator , explorer and discoverer . In 1594 he commanded one of the two ships C.Naije in search of the Northeast Passage to China. From 1594 to 1596 gradually led three more expeditions. He discovered Spitsbergen , Bear Islands and first mapped the previously known New Earth . On the third expedition in a new country remained a ship trapped in the ice. The crew dismantled ship , built a shelter and made ​​the first wintering in the Arctic. In spring 1597 expedition to the two lifeboats headed home. Most men survived the voyage , on the way home Barents died of exhaustion .
In 1871 , after 274 years, the new country discovered preserved dwelling Barents expedition.
Name of Willem Barents today bears the Barents Sea, Barentsův island settlement Barentsburg on Svalbard and branch Leeuwaardenské University on Terschelling .


Nathaniel Butler * 1577 - +1640 ? The English captain, privateer and Governor of Bermuda. He served in the Caribbean. He began his career as a sailor in the service of the Earl of Warwick. The attention gained by organizing rescue crews and those of the wreck . This cannon used to arm the just built forts Southampton in Bermuda. In 1619 he was appointed governor of Bermuda. He built many administrative and farm buildings, including forts and State House Hall ( most of the buildings are still standing today ) . As one of the first in North America in 1624 introduced the cultivation of potatoes and his efforts to get the crop to Europe . After the expiry of the mandate of the Governor of Bermuda in 1622 , he returned to sea as a fleet admiral in the service of the governor of Providence . In mid- 1639 , near the port of Trujillo captured the Spanish ship for which he won a ransom of ten thousand pesos. In September 1639 he was at the age of sixty-one years, appointed governor of Providence .


Jean Bart also Jan Baert * October 1650 - +27 . Dubna 1702nd French captain , privateer operating in the Channel and the Admiral of the Navy. As a young served in the Dutch Navy in the war with the English. In 1672 war broke out between France and Holland, where Jean went into the service of France, Corsair ship captain Willem Dorna . In 1673 he was promoted to lieutenant and was given command of the captured ships. 1674 was appointed captain of a privateer and continuously captured ten ships. In 1675 his fleet captured at one time twenty-six commercial and two Dutch ships of war . His courage and success caught the attention of King Louis XIV. , Who granted him a peerage and honors. After reconciliation with France Holland Bart King commissioned the task to liquidate pirates in the Mediterranean. In 1689 , war broke out with England in 1691 and Bart broke the blockade of Dunkirk. And this year again war broke out with the Netherlands. 29 June 1694 succeeded brilliantly capture a large convoy of Dutch spizni ship and saved Paris from starvation . In 1696 he won the Admiral as a naval battle with the Dutch fleet. In 1701 , war broke out the Spanish Succession . The king gave Bart a new row boat FENDANT seventy guns. With this ship already Bart nevyplul because he died of pneumonia.


John Ballatt *? - +1707?. British sailor, the ship's doctor and surgeon. He faithfully served the privateering ships in the Caribbean Sea. He sailed with Woodes Rogers and William Dampier.


Edward Barlow * 1660? - +1710?. England captain served in the Royal Navy and later by the English East India Company. Escorted to protect merchant ships to and from India. Also accompanied by large mogulský convoy that carried pilgrims to Mecca. He is famous for his successful defense against attack by pirates William Kidd off the boat ADVENTURE Galley in by 1696.


Vitus Jonassen Bering also Behring * August 1681 Horsens - +19 . prosince 1741. Danish explorer in Russian service . There came for Northern War in 1703 as an officer in the Baltic Fleet . In the years 1710-1712 he was an officer in the Azov Fleet in Taganrog for the Russo- Turkish War . In 1712 he returned to the Baltic Fleet . In 1714 he married a Russian woman, in 1715 he visited his native city.
In February 1725 started the first Kamchatskaya design, which had the following objectives: to map the coast of eastern Siberia, check the links Asia with America and Russia border security in the Far East. Kamchatka in 1727 and built a boat SV.GAVRIL July 13, 1728 went along Kamchatka in the north. For the year came to the eastern part of the Chukchi Peninsula. He tried to sail between Asia and America and proved that the continents are separated .
In the summer of 1730 he was commissioned to plan the expedition tasks: measure the size of Siberia , to determine geographical Japan, find a northern route from Europe to explore the North Pacific .
1733 began the second Kamchatskaya expedition , with five hundredth men . In Tobolsk is strengthened and about two hundred soldiers patnáctset deportees . In July 1735 from Yakutsk sailed two boats on the river Lena in Seveverního sea. The first ship was designed and Pacific second ship sailed west to Archangel . Ships nedopluly and returned , because it was believed that the northern passage of ships from Europe to Asia does not exist. The path appeared only in 1878-1879 Swede Erik Nordenskjold . In 1737 Bering returned to Okhotsk . Then charted sea of Kamchatka , the Kuril Islands and northern Japan .
September 8, 1740 přdpluly on ships commanded by Bering St. Peter and St. Paul where he commanded Alexej Čirikov . Petropavlovsk in Kamchatka , founded wintered . In 1741 they sailed to the east. In a storm , the ship parted , St. Paul after landing in Alaska returned October 17, 1741 in Petropavlovsk. St. Peter sailed along the Alaska and the Aleutian Islands, where part of the crew sick from scurvy . In the next voyage Komandorski stranded on islands. December 8, 1741 Vitus Bering died . This island was renamed Bering Island. The rest of the members led by Sven Waxellem to 27 August 1742 returned to Petropavlovsk . After nine years ended with the great Russian Vitus Bering expedition . A little later begun to Russian colonization of Alaska.


Jonathan Barnet * 1695? - +? The British captain of a pirate hunter. He served in the Royal Navy in the Atlantic and Caribbean. In 1720 the pirate Jack Rackham captured ship WILLIAM sailing from the island of Nassau. Woodes Rogers governor of the Bahamas has issued an arrest warrant for Jack Rackham. At the time, Governor Nicholas Lawes of Jamaica commissioned barnette catch Jack Rackham. Sloop was dispatched (English sloop) Tigers, which was heavily armed with guns and a crew of twenty men, except the Royal Navy, was in the hold hidden partition of British soldiers. After successful captive on a pirate ship WILLIAM Rackham, the British Admiralty decided to establish a new type of ship corvette (English sloop of war). Its task was to escort and protect commercial ships.
Yes, I know you're Commodore Norrington in a series of films Pirates of the Caribbean. Just look Jonathan Barnet, who was the model for the creation of filmmakers Commodore Norrington.


James Bowen * 1751 Ilfracombe , Devon - +27 . Dubna1835 Devon . Captain and Admiral of the Royal Navy of Great Britain . James began his career in 1764 at his father's trade ship , as well as his brother Richard . Later, he was given command of one of his father's ships. His father traded between Africa, the West Indies and Bristol in England. In 1776, James joined the Royal Navy. As a cadet in the years 1781 to 1789 served on HMS ARTOIS under the command of John MacBrideho . August 5, 1781 participated in the Battle of Dogger Bank.
In 1793 war broke out between France and England. Admiral Lord Howe named James Bowen commander of the flagship, which was in the order of 1st class battleship HMS QUEEN CHARLOTTE . 1 June 1794, in the battle known as the Glorious First of June (or French Combat de Prairial ) clashed with the French fleet led by Rear Admiral Louis Thomas Villaret de Joyeuse on battleship row 1st class MONTAGNE . During the battle, Admiral Howe Bowen suggested several maneuvers , which successfully completed the battle. 23 June 1794 Bowen was promoted to lieutenant. Later, as a lieutenant on the ship HMS QUEEN CHARLOTTE under the command of Admiral Bridport attended the June 23, 1795 Battle of Groix . September 2 , he was promoted to captain and got 3rd class ship HMS Thunderer sedmdesátičtyřmi with cannons and served in the West Indies. In March 1798 was given command of the ship HMS ARGO 5th grade with čtyřicetičtyčmi guns (the ARGO ) . May 5 in La Manche found a boat with a tired captain Sidney Smith, who escaped from French captivity. Shortly afterwards James with ARGO sailed to the Mediterranean to reinforce the fleet under the command of Commodore Duckworth . September 29 captured the Spanish ship NOSTRA senior DE La Aldea . In November 1798 during the occupation of the island of Menorca (sv from Mallorca) English naval troops received orders to persecute Bowen just a sighting of a group of five Spanish ships en route from Barcelona to Mahon with a load of cash osmimilionů reals (about hundreds of milion current CZK ) . After a chase captured on November 13 Corvette Peterel and then the frigate FLORA . This Spanish ship commanded by Captain don Antonio Franco Gandrada . In addition, on November 22 Bowen captured VIRGIN Solidad cargo agents to Barcelona , and soon after he captured another ship MADONNA DEL ROSARIO . February 6, 1799 ARGO and HMS LEVIATHAN surprised the Spanish frigate moored at Bahia de Alcudia in Mallorca. After the storm of persecution was the frigate SANTA THERESA overtaken and captured the morning . The second frigate Proserpine escaped . February 16 crews of ARGO , LEVIATHAN and HMS CENTAUR fought \ a cast \ Cambrelles city , capturing about ten ships laden with wheat and wine , including war tartans VELON MARIA . In May 1799 Bowen sailed to Algiers with reinforcements of troops for the local crew. August 6 captured Spanish sloop INFANTA AMELIA . After Bowen was drafted with boats from the Mediterranean and landed at Portsmouth on August 18 . Here during 1800 fell by pirates on ships: Independente March 1 , March 2 SAN ANTONIO HARLEQUIN and May 1 . August 19, 1800 Bowen captured Spanish lugger SAN ANTONIO . October 21 after fifteen hour chase captured a Spanish ship SAN FERNANDO with twenty-two guns flying from Santander to Vera Cruz with a cargo of iron compounds. In addition, he met the Franco-Spanish group of four merchant ships carrying cargo of iron and iron ore. Two boats sank during the chase and captured two : French brig MARIA LOUISA bark Vincent and Spanish . 24 to 28 June 1801 ARGO with HMS Carysfort was accompanied by five transports with the 85th Infantry Regiment and forty artillery batteries from Cowes to Portsmouth .
In 1801 the East India Company gave Bowen reward 400 - pound for escort and protect the company's ten merchant ships on their way from Sv.Heleny to England. In 1802, Bowen was awarded the donation service swords from British merchants in Madeira .
After the Battle of La Coruña Boven under the command of General Sir John Moore in January 1809 transported and supported the British troops in the war with Napoleon . Later briefly took command of the 2nd row boat class HMS Dreadnought.
James Bowen was a member of the High Command of the Admiralty from 25 February 1816 to 25 August 1825 , when he retired with the rank of Rear Admiral .
James Bowen married the sister of Captain George Nicholas Harding. They had four daughters and two sons. James * 1770 ? * 1780 and John who were also sailors and captains .


John Bowen * 10 February 1780 - +20 . Října , 1827. Officer of the United Kingdom and the colony at Risdon Cove in Tasmania. His naval career began in 1794 when he graduated from the Royal Naval College ( Royal Naval College ) . Then he started as a petty officer on HMS ARGO , where he was captain of his father James Bowen (* 1751 - +27 . Apr. 1835 ) . In April 1802 he served on the ship HMS LANCASTER at the Cape of Good Hope where he was promoted to lieutenant . Then served on HMS GLATTON that transported prisoners to the penal colony of New South Wales ( Australia). After arriving in Port Jackson, 11 March 1803 it commissioned the construction of a new governor of the colony Hobart ( Risdon Cove ) in van Diemen's land - Tasmania. During the four-year stay and work in the colony , he married Martha Hayes ( +1823 ) , with whom he had two daughters. Also explored part of Tasmania. Discovered and mapped the area of ​​Richmond, coal mines , Coal River and Huon River area . In May 1804 he was appointed to the sea and was promoted to commander. In January 1806 he was captain of the ship HMS CAMILLA with which in the years 1807-8 participated in the blockade of Martinique and Guadeloupe . In February 1811 rejected an offer of Robert Peel, Secretary for the Colonies to become a governor representing the van Diemen's land. The reason that it is not possible to make a sea captain commanded ground troops . From 1812 to 1816 he served on HMS Salsette off the coast of India . After returning to England May 13, 1825 he married Elizabeth Clowes . In 1827, after a long illness died .


Joshua Barney * July 6, 1759 - +1 . Pennsylvania in December 1818 . American captain and commodore . In 1776 he was an officer on the ship HORNET the revolution against the British crown and attacked New Providence . Then he moved to the WASP and the brilliant action in combat with the British Brig was promoted to lieutenant . In 1782 he participated in the Battle of Delaware Bay . He commanded the ship HYDER ALLY and in this battle he captured the British warship HMS GENERAL MONK . After the battle he joined the French Navy . 1812 was another war . Barney has been serving the U.S. Navy as a captain and commander of the fleet in the Chesapeake Bay . Barney with the Minister of the Marine Corps William Jones devised a plan to defend the harbor. He commanded a fleet consisting of vessels with shallow draft to better maneuver the river. June 7 , he managed to ensnare the British schooner HMS St.Lawrence ship , HMS DRAGON row and HMS ALBION to near ST. Jerome Creek stuck in the river. June 10 arrived the next British frigate HMS HMS NARCISSUS Loire and the sloop HMS JASSEUR that Barney forced to retreat into the bay ST. Leonard . From the security of the bay Barney's fleet decimated the British. British , despite the stubborn defense and the loss of several ships managed to land his troops . June 26, 1818 " eleventh hour " came the soldiers of the U.S. Army Colonel Decius Wadsworth sailors and U.S. Marine Captain Samuel Miller. Then followed the Battle of Bladensburg , where Barney with a fleet of five hundredth sailors contributed to the crushing defeat of the British. After the battle, succumbed to injuries.


Joseph Bavastro * May 10, 1760 Genoa - + březen , 1833. Buccaneer captain and Italian . His mother ran away from her husband before the birth . Surname Bavastro had his grandfather , who was a Spaniard . From childhood helping on the boat uncle Giovanni Battista Parodimu . As an adult, his uncle told stotunový schooner to trade in the Mediterranean , and met with the pirates.
During the French Revolution helped selflessly refugees. In 1800 , he distinguished himself by breaking the blockade of Genoa during the night. With small boats and crew of criminals attacked the flagship of the British, who controlled the bombardment of Genoa. The fight lasted about an hour.
Do the French entered service in 1806 with the mission to combat piracy , especially the British . Although little used čtyřdělový boat, but fast and very maneuverable. He served in the Mediterranean and attacked the English ships and liquidated maritime criminals. Bavastro is famous for transporting troops to the rear of the English and Austrian forces in the Adriatic Sea. It is interesting that the firing had always weaker and often older type ship than defeating opponents. For his efforts he was awarded several times and promoted him personally Napoleon Bonaparte called single victorious admiral.
After the imprisonment of Napoleon on Elba wanted to free him , but failed. Then take some time sailed for South America. Around 1830 he returned to the service of France . He became commander of the port of Algiers. In 1832 , King Philip granted French citizenship. Subsequently Bavastro fell ill and died in sedmdesátitřech years in Algiers. Before he breathed his last , he said, " Open the window , I see the sea ."


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